Where it all began

Established in 1944, United Employees Credit Union was formed under the co-operative principles of people helping people. Members’ deposits are pooled to be lent to other members who need loans and mortgages. Profits are given back to members in the form of higher interest on deposits, 5% dividends ( paid since 1999 ) or improvements to the credit union that help benefit the members.
We have grown to be a full-service financial institution offering a complete line of competitively priced products and services.

Who can join us? You can.

The original credit union served only employees of Canada Post in the Toronto area and was called The Postal Employees (Toronto) Credit Union. Since then we have joined with other groups to form the present day United Employees C.U. Our other affiliated groups within the Greater Toronto Area, are the Federal Civil Servants, Brewers Retail and Warehousing, Purolator Canada, and Colgate-Palmolive Canada.

In 2003 C.C.G.I. Retail Employees Credit Union joined us. With this Credit Union we now welcome all employees that work for the George Weston/Loblaws Group of Companies and also employees to the
Independent Order Foresters (IOF). We welcome community members. Changes in the Credit Union Act allows people in the neighbouring communities of our branches to join the credit union and use our services.

Membership is ownership…

By holding $100 in membership shares of the Credit Union, you are a part owner of your own financial institution. You get to use all the products and services that we offer, get to vote at annual meetings on strategic issues, you elect a board of directors and can even run for a position on the board. You will also earn 5% dividends annually on your share capital account. For information on how to become a member click here.