Rates are subject to change without notice and are for information only.

Please check at the local branch to determine the latest rate- rates are negotiable.

For deposits over $100,000 please call us.

Demand Account Rates

Premium Savings Account 0.15%
Plan 24 Savings Account0.10%
Tax Free Savings Account0.50%
Thinking about a vacation or a large purchase? Talk to us about payroll deduction!


6 Months (Open*) 4.50%
1 Year (Open)4.75%
1 Year (Closed)3.20%
2 Years (Closed)3.35%
3 Years (Closed)3.50%
4 Years (Closed)3.60%
5 Years (Closed) Promotion2.55%**
Variable Rate3.50%
We also offer second mortgages
All our rates are negotiable, please call us for more information
* Fully open without penalty or bonus interest.

** T&C’s apply

Car Loan Rates

New Car Loans From 5%*
Used Car LoansFrom 6%*
Tax Free Savings Account0.50%
For more information on our Car Loan Promotion Click here
*Terms & Conditions Apply

Terms, RRSPs and RRIFs

6 Months 0.25%
1 Year1.25%
2 Years1.50%
3 Years1.75%
4 Years1.90%
5 Years2.00%
Shorter terms available for term deposits. Bonus rates are paid on deposits over $50,000

Cashable Term Deposits

1 Year 1.00%
2 Years1.15%
3 Years1.25%
For more information on any of the above please contact your local branch