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Date Posted: July 2016


At our credit union we are always striving to serve our members as best we can. For example, as I
prepare this newsletter there is a good possibility that our members from Canada Post will be facing
the economic hardship of a lockout or strike. We already have plans in place to help them with their
loans and mortgages and we stand ready to give more loans to keep credit worthy members afloat
with money to keep them going in these tough times.

After 3 years of searching, we finally found a
credit card partner that allows us to offer our new VISA* credit card with better rates and services.
We recently expanded our sale of index linked term deposits, we have loans and accounts at really
favourable rates. We now sell mutual funds at Gateway and in the last quarter of this year, we plan to
launch a new debit card with Interac* Flash. As good as our products and services are, we are still
constantly working to attract new members.

I invite you to use our services for more of your needs
and invite your co-workers, family, and friends to join our growing community.