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Date Posted: November 2015

Protect Yourself When Shopping Online
It’s never been easier to buy what you want, when you want it, especially since the majority of retailers now have an online shopping site and you can browse their stores without ever stepping foot in them. And with the countless number of online auction sites available, there is the added thrill of bidding on items you want and getting them at the lowest possible price. Before you click “confirm” on a purchase or bid, be aware of whom you’re dealing with-whether it’s a reputable retailer or an unknown seller halfway around the world-and do everything that you can to protect yourself online.

Protect Yourself For The Unexpected
Get a personal line of credit that allows you to spend up to your pre-approved amount. Unlike a regular loan, you don’t start paying interest charges until you to use it. Use as much of the line of credit as you want up to the authorized limit you’ve been approved for. Pay back the whole thing when you want or just make the 3% minimum monthly payments. As you pay it back, the credit room re-opens for you to use over and over again. It’s good to have cash readily available when you really need it. Use it for emergencies, or take advantage of special bargains, book a holiday, use for home/car repairs, this list is endless. Our line of credit is that extra insurance you need to ensure cheques or pre-authorized withdrawals never get returned NSF.A Home Equity Line of Credit gives you access to even more money for larger emergencies or needs.