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Date Posted: February 2016

Looking to invest in a term deposit RRSP? Our rates continue to be better than the big banks

Time to switch to us and get better returns:

Why not make your RRSP contributions through your payroll? It’s an easier way to save than contributing all at once, and your contributions will compound and earn more interest. Ask us to set you up on this convenient and practical way to save.
Are you short on funds in RRSP season? We can help with an RRSP loan to top up your contribution room and get you a bigger tax refund.

Need to do some Home Renovations?

If you are thinking of doing some home renovations, new appliances, or a holiday; a Home Equity Line of Credit gives you a great rate and lots of payment flexibility. Even if you already have a HELOC, your home may have gained more equity since the last time it was appraised.
Like a personal line of credit, a HELOC allows you to spend up to your pre-approved amount. Unlike a regular loan, you don’t start paying interest charges until you use it. Use as much of the HELOC as you want up to the authorized limit you’ve been approved for. Pay back the whole thing when you want or just make the required monthly interest payments. As you pay it back, the credit room re-opens for you to use over and over again. Talk to us about this convenient option for home owners with equity.