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Electronic Bill Payments

Free Electronic Bill Payments, United Employees Credit Union

Electronic Bill Payments - FREE

You can now pay most of your local bills using our Telephone Teller or PC HomeBanking system. From the comfort of your home or office you can choose which bills to pay, when to pay them and how much to pay toward each bill.

Here’s the best news of all! There is no charge to use the bill payment features as long as you:

  1. Have all or part of your pay deposited automatically to the credit union,
  2. Maintain a minimum deposit of $1,000 at the credit union

Even if you don’t meet either criteria above, this convenient service is still available to you. A fee of $1.25 will apply to each in-branch bill payment.
To get started bring in your recent bills and we’ll register your bills and access code on our system. You can then visit our website or call the Telephone Teller at (416) 461-5338 and follow the simple instructions to pay your bills. It’s that easy.