Rates are subject to change without notice & are for information only.

Please check at your local branch to determine the latest rates – rates are negotiable.

Demand Account Rates

Premium Savings Account 1.00%
Plan 24 Savings Account0.25%
Tax Free Savings Account 1.00%
R.R.S.P’s & R.R.I.F’s1.00%
Payroll Deduction Account 2.50%*
Thinking about a vacation or a large purchase? Talk to us about payroll deduction!
Interest on variable R.R.S.P’s & R.R.I.F’s is calculated daily & paid semi-annually
*Terms & Conditions apply.

Long Term Deposits , RRSPs and RRIFs

1 Year4.50%
2 Years4.75%
3 Years4.75%
4 Years4.85%
5 Years5.00%
For deposit over $100,000 please call us.

Short Term Deposits

30 – 59 Days 2.25%
60 – 89 Days2.50%
90 – 179 Days2.75%
180 – 269 Days3.25%
270 – 364 Days3.50%
For deposit over $100,000 please call us.


6 Months (Open*) 9.99% (APR 10.24%)
1 Year (Open)9.99% (APR 10.24%)
1 Year (Closed)7.24% (APR 7.37%)
2 Years (Closed)7.09% (APR 7.22%)
3 Years (Closed)6.84% (APR 6.96%)
4 Years (Closed)6.79% (APR 6.91%)
5 Years (Closed) 6.64% (APR 6.75%)
Variable Rate7.40% (APR 7.54%)
We also offer second mortgages
All our rates are negotiable
Please call us for more information
* Fully open without penalty or bonus interest.
Important mortgage Information

The above Annual Percentage Rates (APR’s) are calculated based on a mortgage of $100,000 over a 25 year amortization with blended monthly payments. These APR’s assume that no additional cost of borrowing apply other than interest. Legal fees & the cost of an appraisal would increase the APR. Interest on Fixed Rate Mortgages is calculated semi-annually, not in advance. Interest on Variable Rate Mortgages is calculated monthly. Applications are subject to UECU’s lending criteria.

For more information on any of the above please contact your local branch.
Rates are subject to change without notice at any time.
Offers may change or be withdrawn at any time without notice.
Other conditions and restrictions may apply.

We also offer personal loans, lines of credits & Home Equity Lines of Credits.

Variable Interest rates may change once UECU’s prime lending rate changes.

United Employees Credit Union prime lending rate: 7.45%

Rates updated: November 10th 2023